Some of our favourite websites and blogs covering the history of medicine and religion:

L0040506 Lower Stable Ward Koulali Barrack Hospital Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images A hospital ward in Koulali Barrack Hospital during the Crimean War. Two gentlemen, one a soldier, chat to the matron. In the background one of the Sisters of Mercy can be seen. 19th century after: M. & N. HanhartEastern hospitals and English nurses : the narrative of twelve months' experience in the hospitals of Koulali and Scutari  Fanny Taylor Published: 1856 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0
A Sister of Mercy in a ward in Koulali Barrack Hospital during the Crimean War. (Wellcome Images) The Society for the Social History of Medicine is a thriving UK-based society which promotes the study of the history of medicine, and its website is full of useful information for medical historians. Dr Alun Withey is a medical historian based at the University of Exeter, and his blog includes some great posts on the relationship between medicine and health in early modern Britain. Another excellent blog about early modern medicine, this one by Dr Jennifer Evans (Hertfordshire) and Dr Sara Read (Loughborough). NOTCHES is a multi-authored blog about the history of sexuality, but many of its posts touch on the history of medicine and/ or the history of religion. A wide-ranging site considering ‘the history of medicine in dialogue with its present’, with some interesting articles about the relationship between religion and medicine. This blog, from the Wellcome Library in London, has a wealth of material on the history of medicine- and many of the posts also have a religious dimension. Gathers together stories of the past, including many about medicine and religion.

If you run a site about the history of medicine and religion which is not listed here, please let us know either by email ( or on Twitter (@RelMedConf2016).

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